Storm Trysail Foundation: The O.S.T.A.R. Project

The O.S.T.A.R Project

The Storm Trysail Foundation asks you to participate & follow Jonathan Green on his 35 foot sail boat on a voyage from Newport, RI to Plymouth England and then back to Newport, as he completes in the oldest single handed race, The O.S.T.A.R.

The Storm Trysail Foundation is behind this project because it blends with our goals of introducing teenagers to the disciplines and sciences of safely sailing on a bigger boat on blue water and developing an appreciation of the environment of the oceans.

The Storm Trysail Foundation a 501(C)3 will be managing donations and the website.


This project is set to start about mid-March and will go through mid-June when the boat arrives back in Newport.

There will be an opportunity for a select group to visit the boat when it arrives in Newport.

J. GreenJonathan Green

Jonathan Green, a successful solo sailor and racer in the New England area, will be providing updates on his progress and linking them to school aged junior sailors to provide a “Live from the ocean” dialogue to flesh out the modules with an active human component.

How to Participate

Registered teachers, students and parents can log onto the project website and download individual “Modules” covering the many disciplines related to sailing and which students study at school. There will be a schedule of communications between the schools and the boat at sea in addition to the “Modules”.

The Storm Trysail Foundation supports expeditions that help teach young sailors about safety at sea and blue water passages. To participate and watch the ongoing action, we need you to register.

To find out more about the Storm Trysail Foundation, Jonathan Green and the O.S.T.A.R. Project, visit this website.