Jonathan Green

Jonathan GreenJonathan Green and Jeroboam

Jonathan entered his first single handed race in 2007 and was immediately hooked. Newport Yacht Club offers the best shorthanded events on the US east coast, the most exciting of which is Bermuda 1-2, a 635 nm single handed race to Bermuda followed by an equidistant double handed race back to Newport. Jonathan’s entries in 2009 and 2011 provided vital experience and conditioning for his pursuit of OSTAR and also served as a proving ground for his boat Jeroboam and its ability to compete among more serious race boat designs such as the Class 40, Open 40, Figaro II and others.

Jonathan Green 2Jeroboam, an Oceanis 351, is a Jean Berret designed boat built by Beneteau between 1994 and 1996. The boat is sloop rigged with an aluminum Z-Spars mast. The sail design and construction was performed by North Atlantic Sails in Newport, Rhode Island, USA.    Jeroboam’s competitiveness in shorthanded racing is closely linked to the simplicity of her rigging and ease of handling by a crew of one.

Jonathan has partnered with Sail for Kids, led by Joe Cooper of Newport, and the non-profit Storm Trysail Foundation to use the experience as a teaching tool to get kids engaged in the classroom. Curriculum has been developed by Sail for Kids covering the gamut of science, the ocean/environment, resource planning and conservation, technology and many more, reaching classrooms primarily in the Northeast US. Jonathan will provide reports from sea both on the delivery to Europe and the race back that mirror the lesson plans with real world applications.