James Taylor

James Taylor 1.1James Taylor

Finishing the OSTAR became a lifelong ambition when in 1964 James read about the race and of Chichester, Lewis and Taberly as schoolboy heroes. James learnt to sail on the river Thames at Cookham and as a crew progressed through national and Olympic classes before moving offshore on Half Ton and Admiral Cup boats. With other responsibilities he stopped sailing in 1976 with the OSTAR quietly forgotten.


James Taylor 2Following a short haul flight in December 2006, James was wrongly diagnosed by three doctors as having pneumonia. The reality was that he was suffering a life threatening clots on both lungs. A Pulmonary Embolism. In hospital, the OSTAR ambition returned and it’s taken five years to buy and equip Anarchy, his Contessa 32, and to qualify for the 2013 event.

Lifeblood, the Thrombosis Charity, is James’s nominated charity for which donations are welcome at http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/OSTAR2013anarchy. The aim of the charity is to improve the education of health professionals (amazingly!) and awareness of the general public to the symptoms and dangers of blood clots.

On the race start day, and after nearly forty four years of work, James takes redundancy, retires from full time employment, and races off into the sunset in the direction of Newport RI. He will Tweet as he goes in support of Lifeblood as @thejamestay and on #OSTAR2013.