Jonathan Snodgrass

Jonathan Snodgrass 1Jonathan Snodgrass and Lexia

Jonathan is a retired Army Officer and Chartered Engineer, aged 65.  He and his wife Jane live in beautiful Derbyshire in an old cheese factory.

In early 2009 Jonathan and Jane bought a neglected junk rigged schooner, Lexia, truly a cruiser not a racer.  After a hectic restoration, some adventures on his qualifying passage, and increasingly frantic race preparations, Lexia and Jonathan  staggered across the start line of OSTAR 2009.  Neither of them was fully prepared and they were early retirees, although they were not the only ones.  Jonathan learned a lot!

Jonathan Snodgrass 2In AZAB 2011 Jonathan and Lexia, finished last with less than a day to spare.  But many did not actually finish.   They were kindly awarded the Sally May Trophy by their fellow competitors for “Corinthian Spirit”.  Jonathan learned a lot more!

Having struggled in 2009 and 2011, Jonathan tried to ignore OSTAR 2013!  However, by finishing the AZAB, both he and Lexia were qualified.   Lexia was berthed one mile from the start.  Jonathan had his US visa from 2009.  Lexia was pretty much good to go.  There was ‘unfinished business’.  Then, with the extension of the time limit from 40 to 60 days, his last excuse was removed.  In truth it would have taken a braver man to walk away!  Jonathan finally put in an entry, late as usual, thus ensuring a couple of months of rushed preparation – again.  However, he has entered in the spirit of  “Always a little further …” .  He wonders if he will ever really learn!

Lexia will fly the burgees of the Humber Yawl Club, the REME Yacht Club and the Junk Rig Association.

Jonathan and Lexia do not expect to come anywhere other than last.  Indeed, reaching the finish before it closes would represent 100% success.  But the cherry on the top would be to break an OSTAR record.  Watch out Peter Crowther! Jonathan says that your record of 88 days for the slowest ever OSTAR crossing could be under threat, particularly if he goes via the Canaries.