Geoff Alcorn

Geoff Alcorn 1Geoff Alcorn and Wind of Lorne 2

Geoff bought his first boat, a 21’ bilge keel yacht, in 1973 and based it at Carrickfergus Sailing Club on Belfast Lough. He learned to sail in it by cruising the Irish Sea and West Coast of Scotland for a couple of years with a friend who was an instructor in the Sea Cadets.

Geoff then bought Wind of Lorne, a long keel 28’ wooden Lorne Class designed and built by McGruers on the Clyde. In this he cruised extensively on the West Coast of Scotland, Outer Hebrides. St Kilda, Irish Sea and the Scilly Isles before sailing two handed to Iceland and the Faroe Islands in 1982.


Unfortunately, Wind of Lorne was destroyed after breaking from its mooring in a storm.

It was replaced by a Saltram 36 hull, from K R Skentleberry in Plymouth. Built to an Alan Pape design it was completed as a relatively heavy, long distance cruising boat and named Wind of Lorne 2. Geoff successfully competed in the Round Britain and Ireland Race in 2002 and subsequently qualified for OSTAR 2009 by sailing single-handed around Ireland over the New Year 2008/9.

Geoff successfully completed the OSTAR 2009 course in 43 days but suffered a  lack of wind in the final stages. His return trip across the Atlantic in 2010 from Newport to Carrickfergus in Northern Ireland only took 31 days. He used his OSTAR 2009 participation to raise funds for the Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice and intends to do the same in OSTAR 2013.