Jac Sandberg

Jac Sandberg 1Jac Sandberg and Spirit

Based in Haarlem, in the Netherlands, Jac is married to Femke and enjoys life with their two daughters of one and two years old. He spends his professional life as a freelance management consultant and participates in business start-ups.

Sailing started as a young child on the Frisian lakes. Jac’s first race fever was gained in a variety of boats in Sydney during his internship for his studies.

Since then he has raced and cruised in the North Sea, both two-handed and single-handed, and he has just returned from Antarctica where he crewed on the 55-foot yacht Sarah W. Vorwerk. When Richard Versteegh asked him to be his co-skipper in the RB&I 2010, Jac decided to sell his quartertonner ‘Joker’ in order to buy a half-share of ‘Spirit’, a Corby 30. John Corby built Spirit in 1993 for the Round Britain and Ireland race. With great help from John on the design matters, Spirit recently gained a new rig, sails, rudders, engine, water ballast and electronics. Due to a mast failure west of Galway, the RB&I still is unfinished business, so they will be back in 2014.

Jac Sandberg 2Owning half of Spirit opened up the opportunity of participating in the OSTAR. Apart from the work done on Spirit, preparation has been done by increasing solo sailing distances from 100 miles up to 700 miles. In this he has been kindly accompanied by his brother Bertram, who also sailed single-handed on his J109. Thus, they were able to drink a pint or two at the port of arrival. Jac is grateful to all the above mentioned people who have enabled his preparation and participation in this race. The race is single-handed but the preparation is certainly not.

As an OSTAR first timer he just lets it happen! The race is seen as an exciting new challenge of enjoying life by racing all by himself in the North Atlantic.