Race Report #3 – Wednesday 29th May – Evening

As day 3 of the race draws to an end, most of the fleet is now out of the 30knot north westerlies and is now enjoying the favourable lift of a lighter, 15-20knot NNW/N wind.

Jonathan Snodgrass and his junk rigged monohull Lexia have arrived safely in Falmouth although there is currently no official information as to the reason for his return to port. More news on this tomorrow.

Ralph Villiger aboard Ntombifuti has just 25nm to go before he arrives in Brest. Hopefully repairs to his engine and bilge system will go smoothly and he’ll rejoin the fleet without too much delay.

Olbia, skippered by Christian Chalandre was leading the Eira class until just after midday today when he suddenly turned around and headed for land. His tracker shows he’s heading towards Brest with the wind behind him. We received word that he was OK but experiencing difficulties with his wind generator and electrical system.

Several of the fleet have now left the continental shelf and are in the deep waters of the Atlantic. Branec IV is leading the charge, in an email today Roger Langevin said that the boat was holding up well in the difficult conditions and looked forward to calmer seas and some sleep in the next 24 hours.

Andrea Mura has shot back up through the monohull fleet and it looks as though he is heading down to a band of favourable 15-20knot wind forecast to develop over the next 36hours on the edge of the Azores High around 46° N and just south of the rhum line.

Jonathan Green and Richard Lett, currently leading their classes have chosen to go further north where there is a chance of much stronger winds.

We earlier reported that Harmonii, skippered by Keith Walton had also turned back but it seems that he was just running with the wind whilst he made repairs. He has since turned back towards the west and is continuing at a healthy pace of 6-7 knots.