Jac Sandberg – Spirit – Finished 19th June 04:10 EST

Photos by Billy Black, Text by Jerry Freeman

Congratulations to Jac Sandberg on the completion of his first Ostar at 08:10 UTC,19th of June, Spirit was the fifth boat to finish and the smallest in the fleet at 30 feet loa.

Jac has steered a very brave course taking Spirit to the north of the great circle route and enjoying very remote areas rarely visited under sail let alone in a small boat and singlehanded.

Their time of 22 days 20 hours for a thirty footer stands very well against the 20 days 15 hours class record set by Michel Kleinjans back in 1996 when the fleet enjoyed very favourable wind directions compared to 2013.

Spirit has undergone significant modifications under the care of Jac Sandberg and Richard Versteegh since 2007 following the unplanned replacement of the mast and rig in Galway during the last Round Britain and Ireland race in 2010. A new carbon mast was acquired courtesy of Richard Lett and trucked to Galway, the lifting keel was abolished to be replaced with a fixed keel, twin rudders added and the water ballast reduced to 200kg per side . The resulting boat is much more powerful and stiff to weather. The addition of a cuddy to improve cockpit protection for the crew has made the boat almost unrecognisable from the John Corby 30 that started the RBI with Will Mumford in 1993.

Richard commented while en-route to Newport to sail the boat back to Amsterdam; ‘In the preparations we had much help from many people, like Huib Swets who built our website, Arjen Kooij our sail maker from Haarlem built all the sails for Spirit, great flying shape and even better quality (very durable!)¬† Efoy supplied the amazing fuel cell generator and most of all our families for letting us spend a ridiculous amount of time on our passions: working on the boat and sailing them!