Update on Mervyn Wheatley – Tamarind

Mervyn Wheatley looking battered and bruised after being forced to hand steer Tamarind into Halifax following a autopilot malfunction.Mervyn Wheatley aboard Tamarind has put into Halifax, Nova Scotia to effect repairs to both his autopilot and his hydrovane. He has had severe problems with this automatic steering equipment which resulted in him having to hand steer for many days. This is not only very tiring but means one can barely leave the cockpit to eat or rest. Sail changes become major problems on your own in this situation. Sadly, the photograph of a damaged Mervyn shows that the OSTAR is certainly not for the faint hearted!
The good news is that Mervyn will not be retiring but will soon return to the position where he stopped racing, accept the 24 hour penalty, and resume his passage to Newport to finish the OSTAR.