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SPECIAL  NEWS  LETTER                                                     30th January 2013

Exciting News for OSTAR and the CLUB

As the new OSTAR website ( shows, momentum for the May 27th 2013 Race increased dramatically in 2013 with numerous additional confirmed entries.  Entry deadline has been extended to 31st March to enable several potential skippers to come aboard.  Jan-Kees Lampe, the 2009 winner, who set a new record of 17 days and 17 hours for the forty-foot class, is committed to defend his title in May.

Of special interest at the Half Crown Reunion (Saturday prior to OSTAR Start) will be Colin Forbes’ (Startled Faun, ‘68) newly compiled 20-minute DVD;  Colin writes it

“…should be full of fun for a very discerning audience with historical shots of RWYC race competitors and their yachts with a twist to them such as extraordinarily shaped boats, unexpected/embarrassing moments etc. with an emphasis on my original film “Singlehanded Transatlantic 68” from which some of the Blondie Hasler footage came as he was examining the self steering system of “Kytra 11” with Alex Primrose and Jack McLeod at her launching ceremony in Cowes.”

2013 OSTAR skippers will be at the Reunion along with Half Crown Members travelling from distant parts for the occasion — from Finland to the USA.

Arrangements to enable Members to be afloat on Plymouth Sound to watch the start will be circulated shortly, along with details of special polo, sweat, and rugby shirts, etc. (embroidered with the 2013 OSTAR logo).

DON’T MISS 2013 at the RWYC

Reservations for the Reunion have been coming in surely and steadily, but somewhat slowly – just like entries for OSTAR itself until the second half of January.  Now is the time to sign up to be part of the Reunion.

If you haven’t already done so, send your reservation form in NOW, or at least confirm your intention of doing so.  A reservation FORM is on this website.

Sending reservations and payment by e-mail to is safe and convenient;  snail-mail requests need mailing to Half Crown Club, c/o RWYC, Queen Anne’s Battery, Plymouth PL4 0TW.

Remember full membership of the RWYC is now available (for only £75 per annum) to all Half Crown Members who completed an OSTAR.


Numerous Half Crown Members either do not have e-mail addresses or have addresses the Club is not aware of.  The list (on this website) shows all skippers who crossed an OSTAR start line and who are thus automatically Half Crown Club Members.  ‘E’ means their e-mail address is in the Club database (and thus they got this New Letter);  ‘A’ means a snail-mail address is known, but postage costs prevent much contact.  If you know of any Member not shown with an ‘E’ on the list, please pass this News Letter on and/or send their e-mail address to [The list, we think, includes everyone – both those alive as well as those who are no longer with us;  the latter group, since the 2009 Reunion, unhappily includes Karl Gunther Brinkmann, Alain Pelletier, Michael Richey, and Brian Start.]

Use the Application Form on this website and join the others at the 2013 Reunion

Tim Whitten