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    A unique keepsake for your race

    A memento, gift, or just something to
    put on the wall to celebrate your adventure?

Custom Prints

We are now offering high quality custom digital downloads, prints and professionally framed images of races.

Each print shows the tracks from each race participant, plus your own track highlighted. The images also have the name of your boat, the event name and the event logo.

The customised products are available in various formats, and sizes:

Formats and Sizes

Digital Download Options
Digital Download - Low Resolution* £9.00 Click for sample
Digital Download - Medium Resolution** £19.00 Click for sample
Digital Download - Very High Resolution*** £29.00 Click for sample

Unframed Print Only Options...
Small Print Only e.g. 16 x 12 inches £49.00 Click for sample
Medium Print Only e.g. 28 x 21 inches £59.00
Large Print Only e.g. 40 x 30 inches £79.00

Professionally Framed Print Options...
Small Framed Print e.g. 16 x 12 inches £139.00 Click for sample
Medium Framed Print e.g. 28 x 21 inches £169.00
Large Framed Print e.g. 40 x 30 inches £199.00

Notes about Prints/Files

Note: Sizes of prints are given as an example. Small, Medium and Large are defined for each race, and the exact sizes can be seen at the time of order, once you have chosen the specific race. For instance, some races look better as a square print rather than rectangular, and so rather than being 40 x 30 inches, the large version for a square race may be 35 x 35 inches.

* for using as a desktop wallpaper or screensaver (1920 pixels wide, for HD screen) ** for printing up to A3 size (around 4,000 pixels wide) *** for printing above A3 size (around 10,000 pixels wide)

All prices include VAT/Tax but do not include shipping costs. VAT/Tax will only be charged to UK residents, or EU residents without a valid VAT/Tax number. VAT/Tax will NOT be charged to residents outside of the EU.